Welcome to JD Els Accounting

We are your Bookkeeper without having to pay a full month's salary for a couple of hour's work

Services we offer:

Our aim is to assist smaller businesses, companies or individuals, who don't need or can not afford an in-house bookkeeper, with all their accounting and bookkeeping needs. We handle everything for your business from registrations up to financial statements.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

We can assist with all your bookkeeping, from slip or bank statement, up to financial statements.
We have the assistance of an auditor to assist with auditing and signing of financial statements.


- Company tax
- Individual tax
- Tax compliance
- VAT returns
- PAYE returns
- EMP501 recon and submission
- SARS audits
- SARS registrations
- SARS queries

Budget & Cash Flow Projections

- Budgets
- Cash Flow Projections


- Salary calculations
- Payslips
- IRP 5 certificates
- UIF returns
- UIF registrations


- Registrations of new companies
- Changes on existing companies

Secretarial Services

- Annual returns
- Share registers
- SARS Registrations
- Minutes of meetings